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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Dhoom 3 - Movie Review - Aamir, Katrina, Abhishek & Uday
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Dhoom: 3 basically has the same premise as its predecessors- one super-cop and one wannabe cop who ultimately fail to catch the baddies in the end, making the villain the superhero of the movie. The antagonist in this one is Aamir Khan, who dons the many hats of joker, magician, conman, thief and trickster. Young Sahir assists his father in their great Indian circus. Daddy Jackie kills himself because he owes the bank money and Sahir swears to take his father's khoon ka badla by making sure the bank goes defunct! Years later the adult Sahir (Aamir Khan) is having a grand time performing acrobatic stunts with his ridiculously hot companion Aaliya (Katrina Katrina) and heisting the bank since Sahir holds them responsible for his father's death and since there's nothing like a good old revenge story. The buddy-cop pair of Jai (Abhishek) and Ali (Uday) get on their scent leading two the usual cat and mouse routine. Dhoom: 3 is all about the protagonists totting guns and chasing after the fiendish villain and yes, portraying the American police to be just as nikamma as its Indian counterpart! With such a typically Bollywood story, Dhoom: 3 seems to have all the right ingredients filled with the usual Dhoom mixture of heists, bike chases, sexy heroine flaunting her perfectly toned abs, exploding cars and even more explosive stunts. Music director Pritam does deliver on a couple of tracks but the album mostly fails to impress, the choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant saves the day and is, in one word, mind blowing. Katrina with her flawless dancing is certainly worth your ticket money. Abhishek Bachchan looks like his usual petulant self, pouting through the movie and mouthing the same inane dialogues, like he has done in the previous two Dhooms. Uday Chopra actually puts in a charming turn as the buffoonish Ali. Katrina scorches the screen not so much with her acting chops, well she hardly has two dialogues in the entire movie, as she does with her sensual presence. Aamir is nothing less than perfection personified, to him alone belongs the credit of Dhoom: 3 turning out to be what is. Jackie Shroff does well. -- Published on December 21, 2013

Dhoom 3 - Movie Review - Aamir, Katrina, Abhishek & Uday

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