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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Bullett Raja - Movie Review - Saif, Sonakshi & Jimmy
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Bullett Raja, today's version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, is racy, action-packed and stylishly heats things up. But this massy entertainer, which, is purely in Tigmanshu Dhulia's style, replete with small town gangsters, guns and gaalis lacks the fluidity that one has come to associate with the director's narration of a story. There are peaks where you see sparks of what could have been a brilliant movie and then there are dips when you are left wondering whether the director left the reins in someone else's hands. For instance the way Saif and Sonakshi fall in love leaves you bewildered and bemused ki bhai yeh kaise aur kab hua!!! Howevr, given the genre and the setting, Dhulia mostly does do justice. But one wished he hadn't diluted his brand of film making by bringing in commercial elements to make the movie a more viable option at the box office. Tigmanshu is known to surprise audiences and with Bullett Raja, all we can say is he doesn't disappoint, that is, if you are not a Dhulia fan. There are lots of fast paced, well crafted action choreographed by Vidyut Jamwal himself, the dialogues have the right flavor with the scope of becoming fan favourites, the music by Sajid and Wajid is, however, mediocre. Saif as Tigmanshu's new small town hero may not be Langda Tyagi from Omkara but he packs a punch and makes a lasting impression with his sizzling action-romantic act!! Sonakshi Sinha needs to broaden her horizons and exercise that hidden talent of hers before it dies due to lack of use. Jimmy Shergill is absolutely flawless. Vidyut shines in the deadly action sequences. Mahi Gill comes in for an item number, Ravi Kishan, Chunkey Pandey, Raj Babbar and Gulshan Grover do justice to their pivotal roles. -- Published on November 30, 2013

Bullett Raja - Movie Review - Saif, Sonakshi & Jimmy

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