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Rahul Jaykar aka Aditya Roy Kapur was a sensation in the singing world, he was, and to a certain extent, still is, worshipped by his die-hard fans. It's just that fame came too easy to this talented individual and like any other ordinary mortal he couldn't deal with his overwhelming success. So here's our hero, always in self destruct mode, accompanied with his eternal love, a bottle of alcohol. The conflict arises after a chance incident brings him face to face with Arohi Shirke aka Shraddha Kapoor, who it turns out, is another talented singer but eking a living for herself and her family singing in shady bars. Rahul realizes her potential and offers to make her the next singing sensation of the country in an unknowing effort to overcome his own failure and squandering ways. As expected, they fall in love during the process but his persistent alcoholism fuelled by the snide remarks of casual observers and his own inability to come to terms with his life, threatens to send Arohi down the same road of self destruction. The film starts out well with its songs imparting life to its proceedings while both the lead actors, Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor make you a part of their struggle with their earnest performances. Both of them are particularly good in the emotional scenes but falter a bit in their normal interactions. Though the film keeps you involved in its story, you can't help but feel that the resolution is a bit hurried and half baked. We wish the writer of the film Shagufta Rafique had explored the relationship of the lovers a little more deeply and maybe given them some more space to grow. Having said that, the film is still a welcome change from breezy rom-coms. The director Mohit Suri is restrained in his treatment of the script letting the actors and the scenes speak for themselves. The music by Jeet Ganguly, Mithoon and Ankit-Ankur is certainly a highlight but tends to become repetitive towards the latter part of the film. As far as the supporting cast is concerned, Mahesh Thakur turns in a heartfelt performance and Shaad Randhawa is part lost-part convincing in his role. The rest of the cast seem like loose ends in the bigger scheme of things. Aashiqui 2 doesn't share much with the original Aashiqui and would have been just as decent with a different title. The story could have been much better but the film is kept alive by its melodious music and the performance of its lead characters who almost win you over with their love for each other. -- Published on April 27, 2013

Aashiqui 2 - Movie Review

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