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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Why Did Shilpa Shetty Postponed Her Vacation?
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As an actress-turned-entrepreneur-and-producer, Shilpa Shetty juggles many roles. In fact, the mother to two-year-old Viaan Raj has been deftly dividing her time between her duties as a mother and her professional commitments. However, of late, her work has been eating into her personal time. For instance, Shilpa had promised her son Viaan a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida a few months ago, but she had to postpone the trip, as she was busy with the brand endorsements and promotions for Dishkiyaaoon, the first film under her home production. Now it appears that this trip will be delayed once again as Shilpa has decided to stay put in the city in order to cast her vote. -- Published on April 24, 2014

Why Did Shilpa Shetty Postponed Her Vacation?

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