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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Meet Aamir Khan's New Gym Buddy - Tiger Shroff
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Tiger has already been grabbing eyeballs for his well sculpted body. And the young lad seems to have no qualms in showing them off too. But when asked if he draws his inspiration from Salman Khan, Tiger was quick to say no. "No. I don't draw my inspiration from Salman Khan. Bruce Lee is my inspiration right from the childhood."Disclosing his religious fitness regime, Tiger said, "I spend four hours in the morning training everyday in martial arts with my teams and then in evening I get busy with dance practice."Tiger also revealed that he has been sharing tips on exercise and workout with Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. "We haven't exchanged any notes on acting as such. We just discuss exercise and workout related stuff." said Tiger. -- Published on April 24, 2014

Meet Aamir Khan's New Gym Buddy - Tiger Shroff

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