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World War Z

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Paramount Pictures 2012 - USA - Theatrical
Toho-Towa 2012 - Japan - Theatrical
United International Pictures (UIP) 2013 - Singapore - Theatrical
United International Pictures 2013 - Hungary - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2013 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Lotte Entertainment 2012 - South Korea - All Media

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
4DMax 3D Cyber Scanning And On Set Surveyors
Cinesite Visual Effects
Halon Entertainment Previsualization
Legacy Effects Character Design And Special Makeup Effects
Moving Picture Company (MPC) Digital Artists
Moving Picture Company (MPC) Visual Effects
Plowman Craven & Associates Cyber Scanning
ReelEye Company Special Effects Contact Lenses

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
2020 Casting Extras Casting
4K London Digital Imaging Services
Above the Line Set Assistance & Security Security
Advanced Camera Cars - Pursuit Pursuit Camera Car Glasgow Unit
Audiolink Radio Communications Cell Phone Rentals
Audiolink Radio Communications Walkie Talkies
Casting Collective Extras Casting
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Dollies
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Hydrascope Telescoping Crane Arm
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Stabilized Remote Camera Systems
Codex Digital Digital Recording Equipment
Company 3 Digital Intermediate
De Lane Lea ADR Recording
Digilab Services Digital Film Workflow
Dolby Laboratories Sound Mix
Dynamic International Freight Services Freight Forwarders
Eurosafety (DDA Fire) Fire And Safety
Flying Pictures Aerial Filming Services Provided By
H & H Films Camera Equipment Provided By
Helicopter Film Services Pursuit Arm & Tracking Cars
Mad Dog Casting Extras Casting
Military Film Services (MFS) Extras Casting
Panavision UK Camera Equipment Provided By
Pivotal Post Avid HD Editing Equipment Provided By
Pursuit Europe Pursuit Arm & Tracking Car
Reaching For Stars Military Technical Advisor
Technicolor Post-production
Twickenham Studios Sound Post-production
Videoassist.hu Video Assist Equipment Additional
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