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The Woman in Black

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Alliance Films -
Alliance Films -
Cross Creek Pictures -
Exclusive Media Group -
Film i Vast Co-production - As Film I Vast
Filmgate Co-production
Hammer Film Productions -

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Alliance Films 2012 - Canada - Theatrical
Audio Visual Enterprises 2012 - Greece - Theatrical
Aurum Producciones 2012 - Spain - Theatrical
CBS Films 2012 - USA - Theatrical
Concorde Filmverleih 2012 - Germany - Theatrical
Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) 2012 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD) 2012 - Belgium - Theatrical
Momentum Pictures 2012 - UK - Theatrical
Ascot Elite Entertainment Group 2012 - Switzerland - All Media
Front Row Filmed Entertainment 2012 - United Arab Emirates - All Media - Middle East
Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Company 2012 - Taiwan - All Media
Mongkol Major 2012 - Thailand - All Media

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Filmgate Visual Effects
Union Visual Effects -

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
Audiolink Radio Communications Walkie Talkies
Cutting Edge Group Music Services
De Lane Lea ADR Recording
Dolby Laboratories Sound Mix
Fugitive Studios End Title Animation
Helicopter Film Services Aerial Filming Services Provided By
HireWorks Avid Nitris DX Rental
Intelligent Media International Monitoring Agency
Kodak Motion Picture Film Supplier
Panalux Lighting Equipment
Panavision Grips Camera Dollies
Panavision UK Camera Equipment Provided By
Pinewood Studios Sound Stages
Production Copier Company Production Equipment And Services
Pursuit Europe Pursuit Arm & Camera Car
Scallywag Travel Travel Agent
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