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MPAA Rating: PG-13

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
La Petite Reine Co-production
La Classe Americaine Co-production
JD Prod Co-production
France 3 Cinema Co-production
Jouror Productions Co-production
uFilm Co-production
Canal+ Participation
CineCinema Participation
France Television Participation
Le Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Federal de Belgique With The Support Of

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Cineart 2011 - Belgium - Theatrical
Warner Bros. 2011 - France - Theatrical
Weinstein Company, The 2011 - USA - Theatrical
Bir Film 2012 - Turkey - All Media
Cineart 2011 - Netherlands - Theatrical
BIM Distribuzione 2011 - Italy - Theatrical
Alta Films 2011 - Spain - Theatrical
Alliance Films 2011 - Canada - Theatrical
Cathay-Keris Films 2011 - Singapore - Theatrical
Cine Colombia 2012 - Colombia - Theatrical
Delphi Filmverleih Produktion 2012 - Germany - Theatrical
Diamond Films 2012 - Argentina - Theatrical
Entertainment Film Distributors 2011 - UK - Theatrical
Feelgood Entertainment 2011 - Greece - Theatrical
Festive Films 2011 - Singapore - Theatrical
Filmladen 201? - Austria - Theatrical
GAGA 2012 - Japan - Theatrical
Londra Films P&D 2012 - Bolivia - Theatrical
Praesens-Film 2011 - Switzerland - Theatrical
Videocine S.A. de C.V. 2012 - Mexico - Theatrical
Wild Bunch 2011 - Worldwide - Theatrical
EDKO Film 2012 - Hong Kong - All Media
IPA Asia Pacific 2012 - Thailand - All Media
PepperView Entertainment 2012 - Portugal - All Media
Sun Distribution 2011 - Non-USA - All Media - Latin America
Tanweer Films 2011 - India - All Media
Teleview International 2011 - United Arab Emirates - All Media - Middle East

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Digital District Visual Effects

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
uFund Funding
Actuels Voyages Travel Agency
Alex's in-the-Kitchen Catering
Animal Savvy Animals Provided By
Apollo Productions / AAR Digital Advertising And Promotions
Barbes Brothers Production Management @ Los Angeles
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Dollies
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Hydrascope Telescoping Crane Arm
Cinestereo Optical Transfer
Comerica Bank of California Banking Services
Direct Tools & Fasteners Expendables
Duboicolor Digital Intermediate
Entertainment Clearances Clearances
Gallagher Entertainment Insurance
History For Hire Camera Equipment Provided By Period Camera Equipment
Lobster Films Archive
Media Services Payroll Services
Packair Airfreight Shipping
Panavision Alga Camera Equipment Provided By
Panavision Remote Systems Technocranes And Libra Heads
Pierce Law Group Production Legal Services
Rag Place Rentals, The Lighting And Technical Fabrics
S.I.S. Sound Mixing Studio
Scanlab Dailies
Sessions Payroll Management Extras Payroll Services
Sony Music Soundtrack
TM Motion Picture Equipment Grip And Lighting Equipment
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