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Sleepless Night

MPAA Rating: R

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Chic Films Co-production
Paul Thiltges Distributions Co-production
Saga Film (I) Co-production
Canal+ Participation
Cine Participation
uFilm In Association With
Film Fund Luxembourg Participation
Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC) Participation
Procirep Participation
Programme MEDIA de la Communaute Europeenne Participation

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Bac Films 2011 - France - Theatrical
Tribeca Film 2012 - USA - Theatrical - Subtitled
Against Gravity 2012 - Poland - All Media
Sunfilm Entertainment 2012 - Germany - DVD
uDream 2011 - Belgium - All Media

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
Athalys Camera Equipment Provided By
Athalys Grip And Lighting Equipment
Location Consulting & Facilities Facility Vehicles
Location Consulting & Facilities Location Equipment
MovieScore Media Soundtrack
TSF.be-ATHALYS Camera Dollies
TSF.be-ATHALYS Camera Equipment Provided By
TSF.be-ATHALYS Grip And Lighting Equipment
uFund Funding
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