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Project X

MPAA Rating: R

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Green Hat Films -
Silver Pictures -

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Warner Bros. Entertainment 2012 - Canada - Theatrical
Warner Bros. Pictures 2012 - USA - Theatrical
Warner Bros. 2012 - Singapore - Theatrical

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Method Studios -
Shade VFX Visual Effects
Third Floor, The Previsualization

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
Codex Digital Digital Recording Equipment
Danetracks Sound Design And Editorial
Direct Tools & Fasteners Expendables
Elektra Records Soundtrack
Gallagher Entertainment Insurance
Movie Movers Cast Trailers
Sigloch Military / Tactical Swat Casting And Technical Services
Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging Digital Intermediate Services
WaterTower Music Soundtrack
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