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Man of Steel

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Warner Bros. Pictures Presents
Legendary Pictures In Association With
Atlas Entertainment -
Cruel & Unusual Films -
DC Entertainment -
Syncopy -
Third Act Productions -

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal 2013 - Portugal - Theatrical
Warner Bros. Entertainment 2013 - Canada - Theatrical
Warner Bros. Pictures 2013 - USA - Theatrical
Warner Bros. 2013 - UK - Theatrical
Warner Bros. 2013 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Warner Bros. 2013 - Singapore - Theatrical

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Double Negative Digital Artists
Gentle Giant Studios Lidar Scanning @ Modelling
Moving Picture Company (MPC) Visual Effects - As MPC
Pixel Liberation Front Previsualization
Twenty One Previsualization
Weta Digital -

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
Allan Padelford Camera Cars Camera Equipment Provided By Remote Drive System POD
1 Force Military Technical Advisors
5th Kind Digital Asset Management
Alarm Clock Films Special Thanks
Bender ET GFCI Shock Protection Provided By
Blue Hawk Aviation Aviation Technical Advisor
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Dollies
Frontline Design Specialty Costumes
Hula Post Editing Systems
Movie Movers Cast Trailers
Movie Movers Star Trailers
Movie Movers Trucks
OTC Productions Digital Asset Management
Reel Security Production Security
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