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Django Unchained

MPAA Rating: R

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Alliance Films 2012 - Canada - Theatrical
Sony Pictures Entertainment 2012 - Japan - Theatrical
Sony Pictures Releasing 2013 - Germany - Theatrical
Sony Pictures Releasing 2013 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Sony Pictures Releasing 2013 - Singapore - Theatrical
United International Pictures (UIP) 2013 - Argentina - Theatrical
Weinstein Company, The 2012 - USA - Theatrical

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Rhythm and Hues -

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
Allan Padelford Camera Cars Camera Equipment Provided By Porsche Camera Car And Edge System
BT Industrial Supply Expendables
Bender ET GFCI Shock Protection Provided By
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Car
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Dollies
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Stabilized Remote Camera Systems
Digital Vortechs Avid HD Editing Equipment Provided By
Direct Tools & Fasteners Expendables
Dolby Laboratories Sound Mix
EFilm Digital Intermediate
Event Restroom Restrooms
Red Rhino Trailers Hair And Makeup Trailers
Republic Records Soundtrack
Second Line Stages Filming Location
Sessions Payroll Management Extras Payroll Services
Silver Screen Supply Climate Control
Silver Screen Supply Location Equipment / Rentals
Silver Screen Supply Portable Power Systems And Cables
Soundelux Post-production Sound Services
Todd-AO Studios Post-production Sound Services
Transportation Resources Transportation Equipment
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