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MPAA Rating: PG-13

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Battleship Delta Productions -
Film 44 -
Hasbro -
Stuber Productions -

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
Solar Entertainment 2012 - Philippines - Theatrical
United International Pictures (UIP) 2011 - Argentina - Theatrical
United International Pictures (UIP) 2012 - Singapore - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2012 - Netherlands - Theatrical
Universal Pictures 2011 - USA - Theatrical

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Company 3 Digital Intermediate
Double Negative -
Furious FX Visual Effects
Halon Entertainment Previsualization
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) -
Makeup Effects Laboratories -
New Deal Studios -
Third Floor, The Previsualization

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
BT Industrial Supply Expendables
360 Communication Rentals Walkies And Cell Phones
Bender ET Safety Equipment
Central Casting Extras Casting
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Cranes
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Camera Dollies
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Stabilized Remote Camera Systems
Company 3 Digital Intermediate
Digital Media Services (DMS) Digital Marketing Asset Management
Digital Media Services (DMS) On-line Promotional Material Creation
Direct Tools & Fasteners Expendables
Doggicam Systems SuperSlide Provided By
DoggieCam Systems SuperSlide Provided By
EMS Payroll Extras Payroll
Event Restroom Restrooms
Filmtools Expendables
First Team Rentals Camera Cranes
Fisher Technical Services Rentals Camera & Performer Flying System
Hawaii Media Grip And Lighting Equipment
Hollywood Rentals Productions Services Grip And Lighting Equipment
Hollywood Trucks Entertainment Transportation
Intelligent Media International Monitoring Agency
Montster Hot Tubs Portable Hot Tubs
Movie Movers Hair And Makeup Trailer
Movie Movers Star Trailers
October Pictures Production Services @ Hong Kong
Panavision Remote Systems Supertechno Cranes
Pictorvision Eclipse Aerial Camera System
Pivotal Post Avid HD Editing Equipment
Ragtime Rentals Scene Backings
Scenechronize Production Management Software
Silver Screen Supply Location Equipment / Rentals
Silver Screen Supply Portable Power Systems And Cables
Silver Screen Supply Production Supplies
Transportation Resources Transportation Equipment
V & J Translations Japanese Signage Translations
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