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Albert Nobbs

MPAA Rating: R

Plot Summary

Award winning actress Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs) plays a woman passing as a man in order to work and survive in 19th century Ireland. Some thirty years after donning men's clothing, she finds herself trapped in a prison of her own making. Mia Wasikowska (Helen), Aaron Johnson (Joe) and Brendan Gleeson (Dr. Holloran) join a prestigious, international cast that includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Janet McTeer, Brenda Fricker and Pauline Collins. Rodrigo Garcia directs from a script that Glenn Close, along with Man Booker prize-winning novelist John Banville and Gabriella Prekop, adapted from a short story by Irish author George Moore.

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Albert Nobbs Movie Review

Funrahi Rating
2.5 out of 5
Funrahi Verdict
“ Confusing. Worth Missing. ”
  • Reviews Counted: 2
  • Fresh: 2 | Rotten: 0
Top Critics' Reviews

The film surrounding the performance is not always as strong, but the centre holds, and magnificently so.
Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail - January 27, 2012


Albert is at the heart of it all and we see her through her own prism of vulnerability, resulting in a very human story about the search for love, acceptance and understanding of the self.
Linda Barnard, Toronto Star - January 27, 2012

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Albert Nobbs Box Office Collection Summary

  Domestic Gross (U.S.) (% Share) $3.01 Million (53.5%)
+ Overseas Gross (Foreign) (% Share) $2.62 Million (46.5%)
= Total Worldwide Gross $5.63 Million (100%)

Data as of 05/17/12 6:30 PM GMT

Studios get on average 55 percent share of the total gross.

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