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A Dangerous Method

MPAA Rating: R

Production Companies

Company Name Operation
Recorded Picture Company (RPC) -
Lago Film -
Prospero Pictures Co-production
Astral Media In Association With
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) With The Participation Of
Corus Entertainment With The Participation Of
Elbe Film -
Millbrook Pictures In Association With
Movie Network, The In Association With
Talking Cure Productions -
Telefilm Canada With The Participation Of

Distribution Companies

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Company Name Operation
BIM Distribuzione 2011 - Italy - Theatrical
Cineart 2011 - Belgium - Theatrical
Entertainment One 2011 - Canada - Theatrical
Golden Village Pictures 2012 - Singapore - Theatrical
Hopscotch Films 2011 - Australia - Theatrical
Lionsgate 2011 - UK - Theatrical
Mars Distribution 2011 - France - Theatrical
Paramount Pictures 2011 - Australia - Theatrical
Sony Pictures Classics 2011 - USA - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2011 - Austria - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2011 - Switzerland - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2011 - Germany - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2011 - Spain - Theatrical
Universal Pictures International (UPI) 2011 - South Africa - Theatrical
Front Row Filmed Entertainment 2011 - United Arab Emirates - TV - Middle East
Lusomundo 2011 - Portugal - All Media
Maywin Media 2011 - Russia - All Media
Monolith 2011 - Poland - All Media
Odeon 2011 - Greece - All Media
Odeon 2011 - Romania - All Media
Zon Lusomundo Audiovisuais 2011 - Portugal - All Media

Special Effects (VFX) Companies

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Company Name Operation
Mr. X -

Other Companies

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Company Name Operation
ARRI Film & TV Services HD Dailies
Arri Rental Camera Equipment
Adolf-Wurth-Zentrum fur Geschichte der Psychologie der Universitat Wurzburg Special Thanks
Agentur Eick Extras Casting
Agentur Eick Extras Casting NRW
Atticastbodensee Extras Casting
Austrocast Besetzungsagentur Extras Casting
Auto-Fritze Vintage Cars
Aver Media Financing @ Canada
Besetzer, Die Casting @ Germany
Bystrouska Sound Equipment
Caninenberg & Schouten GmbH Insurance
Cine Block Filmservice Blocks @ Uberlingen / Constance
City of Konstanz Special Thanks
City of Uberlingen Special Thanks
Commerzbank Production Financing
Cosprop Costumes
Cuppa Coffee Studios Opening And End Titles
De Lane Lea ADR Recording
DeLuxe Toronto Digital Intermediate
Deluxe Post-Production Sound Re-recording
Deutsche Filmforderfonds (DFFF) Funding
Digital Media Services (DMS) Digital Marketing Asset Management
Digital Media Services (DMS) On-line Promotional Material Creation
Directors Guild of Canada Thanks
Fake Film Construction Construction
Film Council Development Fund Made With The Support Of
Film Finances Canada Completion Guarantor
Filmforderung Baden-Wurttemberg (MFG) Funding
Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen Funding
Fintage Collection Account Management B.V. Collection Account Management
Footsteps Post-Production Sound Foley Recording
Goldcrest Special Opportunities Bridge Financing
Grand Hotel Vienna Fitting Rooms
Heenan Blaikie Legal Advisors @ Aver
Hermann Koenen Catering Catering
Highscribe Transcription Services
Intelligent Media International Monitoring Agency
Kodak Motion Picture Film Film Stock
LeMarko Catering & Events Wien Catering
MMC Studios Studio Facilities
Media Developed With The Support Of
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Funding
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) Funding
PMA Production Producer @ EPK
Pepper Post Production ADR Recording
Pepper Sound ADR Recording Facility
Sigmund Freud Copyrights Special Thanks
Sigmund Freud Museum Special Thanks
Sony Classical Soundtrack
Sync or Swim Loop Group
Tattersall Sound Avid Rentals
Tattersall Sound Post-production Facilities
Teldex Studio Berlin Music Recording And Mixing Studio
Teldex Studios Music Recording And Mixing
Unverzagt von Have Legal Advisors
Urban Post Production ADR Recording
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