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Wrong Movie Trailer

Release Date: March 29th, 2013
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena,Steve Little, William Fichtner, Regan Burns, Mark Burnham, Arden Myrin
Directors: Quentin Dupieux

Synopsis: Drafthouse Films / Realitism Films Filmmaker Quentin Dupieux made a name for himself with the oddball 2011 comedy Rubber. The director is back with his latest offering, Wrong, which debuts on VOD formats February 1 before arriving in theaters March 29. Jack Plotnick stars as Dolph Springer, a man who wakes up one morning and finds his dog missing. Desperate to get his beloved pooch back, Dolph sets off on a strange journey where he encounters a sexually-charged pizza delivery girl (Alexis Dziena), a pet detective (Steve Little), and the mysterious Master Chang (William Fichtner). -- Published on January 11, 2013

Wrong International Trailer - Quentin Dupieux

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