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Official Trailer for the film: SHINOBI CODE directed by Terry Cheung and starring Ryan Doyle, Anthony Doyle, Jean-Paul Jesstiece Rayve is the leader of a modern day underground warrior clan, along with his team of exceptionally gifted individuals their primary aspiration is to relocate a mystical device known as the Shinobi Code which had been spoken of for generations.Standing in his way is a corrupt military official who plans to discover the secret of the device and turn it into a dreadful weapon, all that Rayve needs is to find it before the military do and avoid the black ops team who will stop at nothing to ensure their mission be accomplished.

Release Date: 2013
Director: Terry Cheung
Cast: Ryan Doyle, Anthony Doyle, Jean-Paul Jesstiece, Craig McGrath, Jack Lowry, and Mark Slater
Genre: Action
Country: UK -- Published on May 30, 2013

Shinobi Code Official Trailer - Terry Cheung Martial Arts Movie

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