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Home Videos Hollywood Hot News Zachary Quinto Talks Leaked 'Star Trek 2' Set Photos
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Zachary Quinto talks about those leaked star trek photos! Hey guys thanks so much for tuning back into Funrahi movies, Im your host Tatiana carrier with the latest OnStar trek 2. As you guys know, last week we showed you some of the first ever set photos from the set of Star Trek 2 and now "Spock" himself, Zachary Quinto, has something to say about it all! MTV news caught up with Quinto at the academy awards, and asked him about the fight between Cumberbatch's character and Spock shown in the photos...He joked that what we saw isn't an actual scene that will be featured in the upcoming movie saying, "The cameras weren't even rolling so...imagine what it'll look like when we're actually doing it,"... He went on explaining that he and Cumberbatch were on a small part of the set when someone took the picture. He said, "That happens, I guess. We're on incredibly big set pieces in the middle of somewhere and people sort of got wind of it." During the red carpet interview, Quinto also revealed that the untitled Star Trek sequel will be not only in 3D but also in IMAX. There was talk of the film potentially getting an Imax release. Imax cameras were spotted in the leaked photos and now with Quinto, we are getting confirmation.He said, "It's definitely bigger, and it requires a different kind of energy. It's been really challenging, but in the best way." Wellk we just keep getting more and more pumped about this sequel that comes out next may! So what do you guys think of what quinto had to say? Let us know in the comment section below and while your at it hit that subscribe button! Thanks so much for watching, we will see you next time! -- Published on February 28, 2012

Zachary Quinto Talks Leaked 'Star Trek 2' Set Photos

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