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After years of trying to put the pieces together for a sequel, Warner Brothers bails on Dumb and Dumber.It has been a long, hard road for this project, and fans have been hoping for a reunion for years and for a while, it looked like things were coming right along for the Dumb and Dumber part 2. After much coaxing, Dumber's original stars, Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels, finally agreed to come back, with the Farrelly brothers back to direct once again. But now THR is reporting that Warner Brothers decided to pull the plug, leaving the project up for grabs in Hollywood.The part 2 was supposed to follow Carrey and Daniels'characters, as they went on a road trip in order to find Daniel's long lost child, for a kidney transplant. Back in 1994, when the original Dumb & Dumber hit the big screen, the movie grossed more than $247 million but only cost about $17 million to make. And today, numbers like that would almost guarantee a sequel.However, Warner Brothers had a major box office bust with March's Jim Carey headlined, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which took an $8 million dollar loss. And perhaps, Warner didn't want to take a risk on a similar type of project, any time soon.But don't be too bummed , because this doesn't mean we can stick a fork in this project just yet. As a matter of fact, Deadline is reporting that fiancier Red Granite Pictures may be interested in financing the project. Red Granite is behind the Martin Scorsese directed and Leonardo DiCaprio starring crime drama called The Wolf of Wall Street, which comes out later this year. And Deadline is also reporting that there are five distributers that are interested in distributing it, and maybe even Universal. So, while things are on hold for now, it is very VERY possible that we will see some movement on this project really soon. So, make sure you are staying right here at FunrahiMovies so we can bring you updates on this, as soon as we get them.
So, how are we all feeling about a Dumb and Dumber sequel? Do you think this decision by Warner will help or hurt the chances of a part 2? -- Published on June 13, 2013

Warner Bros Drops 'Dumb & Dumber' Sequel

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