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With Iron Man 3becoming the second biggest domestic opening of all-time, already earning more than $700 million worldwide and on its way to joining the elusive billion dollar club, you'd think they'd be breaking out the champagne and caviar over at Marvel, but that's not exactly whats happening. The infamously frugal studio look to solidify their cast for The Avengers 2 and it's not just Robert Downey Jr. looking for a pay raise. We all know by now that Iron Man 3 marked the end of RDJ's contractual commitment to play Tony Stark on the big screen, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, negotiations have begun for him to reprise his role in not only The Avengers 2, which hits theaters May 1st, 2015, but brace yourself...also for The Avengers 3, which currently has no release date, but could arrive somewhere around the Summer of 2017. According to sources, the negotiations do not currently include an option for a fourth Iron Man movie. Of course, with Downey bringing in more than $50 million for The Avengers and potentially even more for Iron Man 3, we're thinking the odds of him returning for more films are looking pretty good. But, there's always a chance we could see another actor wearing the Iron Man suit come 2015, but could we also see someone other than Chris Hemsworth wielding Thor's mighty hammer? Well get this, according to Deadline, the entire Avengers cast are talking pay raises for the sequel and are looking to Downey as their leader to make that happen. Now, most of the cast have already signed on for The Avengers 2, with Chris Evans reportedly making his deal when he signed on to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but Deadline reports that Chris Hemsworth's contract ends with November's Thor: The Dark World making his appearance in The Avengers 2 an uncertainty. As for Marvel, they reportedly aren't interested in paying out big bucks for stars and have threatened to recast certain roles, which they have been known to do before. Of course, the big test of how much leverage Hemsworth has will come November 8th when Thor: The Dark World opens. With so much drama and uncertainty at the moment, do you think Marvel and the cast will be able to make a deal? Or do you think we could see Iron Man, Thor or any other cast members replaced in The Avengers 2? Would one or more of the stars being replaced make you less likely to see it or are the characters and plot the main draw? Give us your thoughts below. -- Published on May 9, 2013

'The Avengers 2' Cast & Marvel Feuding Over Money?

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