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Home Videos Hollywood Hot News 'Star Wars Episode VII' Costume Designer Confirmed
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When Star Wars Episode VII hits theaters in 2015, fan expectations are going to be out of this world, pun intended. But perhaps one of the most important behind the scenes jobs on this movie set will be the person creating Luke Skywalker's Jedi Master attire. And that's the guy who's big task will be getting Han Solo out of those scruffy looking duds and into something more suitable. Uhhh....sorry Han....Anyway! Clothes On Film is confirming that costume designer, Michael Kaplan, has been picked to take over costume designing duties on Star Wars Episode VII! Now, if you aren't too familiar with Hollywood costume designers, Michael Kaplan is one of the best in the business. He started his career in sci-fi when he designed the costumes on set of Blade Runner in 1982 and has won a BAFTA and a Costume Designers Guild Award. Kaplan has become JJ Abrams' go to costume designer and he's worked with him on Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness. While Kaplan is known for his sci-fi costume work, he is also known in Hollywood for his versatility. His resume has a lot of variety and includes costume work on Flashdance, Fight Club, and even Burlesque. So, with all of his experience, so you think Kaplan will have what it takes to recreate the duds for all of our favorite Star Wars characters? Do you like the costume work he's done on some of JJ's other sci-fi films? Chat with us down below, and over on twitter @Funrahi. -- Published on May 24, 2013

'Star Wars Episode VII' Costume Designer Confirmed

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