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The 'Need of Speed' movie has a full pit crew as the film has added three more names to the growing actors list. Rapper-turned-actor Kid Cudi is joining Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots for the film adaptation of the EA game 'Need for Speed'. Aaron Paul plays Tobey Marshall who wants to get revenge on the man who killed his best friend via a cross country race. Cudi will be a part of the racers crew. Ramon Rodriguez, Rami Malek and Harrison Gilbertson have also signed on to the film. Kid Cudi made his acting debut on HBOs How To Make It in America and recently wrapped the indie film Two Night Stand. Cudi, who is signed with Kanye West's GOOD Music label, has contributed to soundtracks for Fright Night and The Hunger Games. There is no word yet if Cudi will be a part of the 'Need for Speed' soundtrack but we'd put our money on it. Need for Speed will hit theaters on Feb 7, 2014. Looks like the crew it set and ready to go, how about you? Still excited to see the movie are has the Fast and Furious franchise left your tank on empty. Let us know in comments section below. -- Published on January 17, 2013

'Need For Speed' Adds Kid Cudi

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