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Sad news coming from the muppets! Hey everyone thanks so much for tuning back into Funrahi movies, im your host Tatiana carrier with the latest on The muppets! We all loved the muppets, so its no wonder a sequel has already been green lit...Also, I think it's safe to say Jason Segel was a huge h9ighlight of the flick...but sadly, we learn that He will NOT be a part of the second muppets outing. According to Collider, Jason Segel won't be signing up for another round with Kermit and Co. He told the mag quote, "It's true [that I won't be in the sequel....but it's totally amicable. My goal was to bring the Muppets back and I did that, leaving them in very good hands." Segel went on to say he wants "to pursue more human-related projects," adding, "All I wanted to do was to set the stage for them to do whatever they wanted. I'm sure I'll return in some capacity here and there, but that was half a decade of my life. Five years of hard work. I'm ready for a little puppet break." Well we are sad to hear the news, but we know that the muppets would all agree, that the show must go on! So do you guys think that the muppets can carry on and be just as successful without segal? Let us know in the comment section below and while your at it be sure to sub to our channel so that you stay in the movie know! -- Published on March 5, 2012

Jason Segel not involved in 'The Muppets' Sequel

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