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Cap's girl wants her own movie! I am, of course, talking about Hayley Atwell who will be playing Peggy Carter for a second time in Captain America: The Winter Solider. The actress told The Age that she would totally be down for a Peggy Carter stand alone film, and would even like to see a more light hearted version of the character saying quote "I'd like to, if I get a spin-off, definitely add a bit of humour in there. She's very British. Very uptight. Let's hope if she gets a spin-off it's modern day, so she can relax a little bit, let go of the uniform." Now mum has been the word on anything story related, which we would expect. But Atwell did mention that Marvel will release what she calls a "snap shot of what Peggy's really capable of" at this years Comic-Con, which we assume may be similar to the One-Shot shorts they did with Agent Coulson. And Atwell says that this glimpse will quote "Hopefully lead to other things." So dear fans, it doesn't seem like Marvel wants to get rid of Peggy Carter anytime soon. If, however, she won't be busy working on a standalone film, she may have her eyes on another property, and another female badass, and that my friends is Lara Croft. The actress took to her official twitter page to not necessarily tweet anything herself, however she did go on a retweeting spree from fans who expressed their deepest desires for her to take on the role. Which we thought was interesting. Then, in this same interview, Atwell hints that she herself is interested saying quote "There's also some kind of online campaign for me to do Tomb Raider Reborn, which I know has just come out as a computer game. MGM have the rights to make it into a film, which would be fantastic to do because I'd get to spend a year of my life training hard and pick up all sorts of fantastic fun skills." So, even if we don't see Atwell kick booty in Captain America, maybe we can cross our fingers for Tomb Raider? Can you see the actress taking on Lara Croft? What are you thoughts on a Peggy Carter standalone? Let me know down in the comments section, and go over to our Facebook page to like us and chat with us there. Until next time, Im Erin White. -- Published on April 20, 2013

Hayley Atwell Talks "Peggy Carter" Future

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