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The Flintstones are coming back and it looks like they'll be joined by some new unexpected cast members. Warner Bros and WWE Studios are teaming up to bring Bedrock to the big screen for a Flintstones animated movie intended for a 2015 release. But next time we see Fred and Barney, they'll be joined by some WWE wrestlers and diva, according Deadline. Classic characters of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon will team up with newbies like Vince McMagma, voiced by Vince McMahon, John Cenastone played by John Cena, and CM Punkrock, voiced by CM Punk, obviously. But what's Bedrock without The Rock? No news of Dwayne Johnson joining this cast, considering his background as a wrestler. But he's also got a pretty full schedule, filming the next installment of "Fast and the Furious" as well as "Lore" and "Hercules," all of which are currently in pre-production. Warner Bros Home Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution on what looks like might be a straight to DVD and digital download release. So tell us, are you stoked to see WWE team up with The Flinstones? Or are these world too different to make this idea work? -- Published on May 31, 2013

'Flintstones' Movie To Feature WWE Stars

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