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Home Videos Hollywood Hot News "Civil War" Storyline To Be Plot Of 'The Avengers 3'?
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With the release of The Avengers we're finally getting to see the likes of Iron Man and Captain America teaming up to take down Loki and his alien army. Could we be just two sequels away from seeing them going against one another in a superhero Civil War?

Producer Kevin Feige recently hit up the "Meet the Filmmakers" event in London with The Avengers star Mark Rufallo where among other things, he discussed the possibility of bringing the fan favorite "Civil War" storyline to the big screen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the comic series, it follows the introduction of the Superhuman Registration Act which forces individuals with superhuman powers to reveal their identities and register with the U.S. government as "human weapons of mass destruction". The act would essentially turn vigilantes into civil servants with the option of working for S.H.I.E.L.D. The act splits the superhero community into two sides with Captain America leading the anti-registration group and Iron Man leading the pro-registration group. Many a comic fan has waited anxiously for this storyline to get the big screen treatment and Feige revealed it just may end up being the plot of 'The Avengers 3'. The seeds of the storyline were planted in Captain America: The First Avengers when the writers of that film intentionally included Tony Stark's father, Howard Stark in the film so that if a Civil War story movie ever did get made, Cap could tell Tony that he knew his father. Of course, with an Avengers sequel most likely not coming until at least 2015, it could be quite some time until we actually see the Civil War played out on screen. In addition to discussing the possibility of a Civil War movie, Feige also confirmed that Hulk would not be making a cameo in Iron Man 3. He previously announced there were no plans for another solo Hulk movie, but he could make cameos in other Marvel films. We'll just have to wait and see if he shows up in the Captain America or Thor sequels.

So what do you think of the Civil War storyline playing out in The Avengers 3?

Do you think that's the perfect way for the franchise to move toward or should Civil War be a standalone film? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to visit Funrahi to stay up to date on all the latest movie news. I'm Tatiana Carrier, thanks for watching. -- Published on April 21, 2012

"Civil War" Storyline To Be Plot Of 'The Avengers 3'?

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