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Home Videos Hollywood Events and Parties Wretch 32 talks fashion at DKNY Artworks launch party
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Wretch 32 has been sharing his fashion tips, and disasters, at the DKNY Artworks launch party. Sharing his advice on how to look good, the rapper told us: "Go with how you feel on the day. Today, I'm on a laid back tip, it's a Wednesday as well man. I can't get too entusiastic about a Wednesday." Wretch also revealed there has been a few fashion disasters when he was a kid, saying: "I was a page boy at my uncle's wedding. They were like peddle pushers with long socks. I was being laughed at. Back then I thought it was a disaster." Report by Rob Gillett. -- Published on June 14, 2013

Wretch 32 talks fashion at DKNY Artworks launch party

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