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Emma Roberts stunned at the premiere of her upcoming film "Adult World" at the Tribeca Film Festival. Emma worked the red carpet in a beautiful purple dress. The actress plays a recent college grad in the comedy who wants to be a poet but winds up working in adult book store. Emma was joined by co-stars Evan Peters and Shannon Woodward at the premiere. - Funrahi is one of the top celebrity news providers in the world. Since 2008, Funrahi has been bringing all the latest celebrity news, interviews, gossip, and candid videos to viewers all over the world. HTV is on the job 24/7, and at all the best festivals from Sundance to Coachella, as well as on the streets every day to cover the hottest celebs in Hollywood, New York, and Miami. -- Published on April 21, 2013

Emma Roberts looks stunning at Tribeca Film Fest

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