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Home Videos Hollywood Events and Parties 2013 MTV Movie Awards Recap: Iron Man 3, Catching Fire & More!
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The Avengers win big at this year's MTV movie awards, and we got an exclusive sneak peak at Iron Man 3 and Catching Fire. Overall I'd consider this year's show a success. As always it was a wild night at the MTV movie awards, with lots of odd, awkward, and uncomfortable moments, which a lot you were tweeting about, but that leaves us with plenty to talk about today. Right? First up... this year's host, Rebel Wilson, kicked off the show with a crash landing of sorts in her own Iron Man suit complete with pink thong embellishments, And Im kinda jealous about it, Im not gonna lie. But lets get to the movies! Some of our favorite films from this year got a lot of fan love and took home some big wins including The Avengers which snagged the golden popcorn for Best Fight, Best Villain ( which went to Tom Hiddleston), and Best Picture. But Silver Linings Playbook came in a close second with Bradley Cooper taking home the award for Best Male Performance for his role as Pat, as well as he and JLaw winning for best kiss. There were plenty of shameless plugs for this summer's most highly anticipated movies like Fast and the Furious 6 and Star Trek. But perhaps one of the best plugs came as an exclusive sneak peak for Iron Man 3, where we see Tony Stark, who is wearing his new prototype Mark 47 suit while he's under attack in his Malibu home by a swarm of helicopters. And it was totally a tease, and if you haven't seen it, check it out in the link below. It was awesome. Saving the best for last, the show closed with a trailer premiere that was so worth the wait, and that my friends was for The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. And, because there aren't words for how good this looked, Im just gonna say O.M.G. and also send you to the trailer to go see it for yourself. But what did you all think about this year's awards show? Were you disappointed in any of the nights big winners? And how are you feeling about Iron Man 3 and Catching Fire? Chit chat with us down in the comments section, and also over on Twitter @Funrahi. Thanks for watching guys. Im Erin White. See ya next time. -- Published on April 16, 2013

2013 MTV Movie Awards Recap: Iron Man 3, Catching Fire & More!

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