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At the Volkswagen of America's Beetle Experience Day, Robert Gale, VW's Accessories Product Manager, took us on a quick tour of the exhibition that featured models all the way back from 1956 through 2013. On this day, people who attended the car show got a chance to experience all the customizations right from the start. Some of the models that were exhibited included:
- 1956 VW Beetle "Retro Mod"
- 2012 VW Beetle "Tribute"
- 2012 VW Beetle Turbo "Beach Cruiser"
- 2013 VW Beetle TDI Coupe
- 2013 VW Beetle TDI Convertible

Robert points out that the Beetle is a blank canvas for passionate drivers. You can really do what you want to it and make it your own. Get impressed with the Beetle at http://web.vw.com/coupe/beetle/ Some of the modifications made to the new cars are not covered by the VW New Car Limited Warranty. Use and installation of authorized VW Parts and Accessories will insure VW Limited Warranty Coverage -- Published on May 24, 2013

Volkswagen Beetle Experience Showcase - VW USA

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