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Home Videos Bollywood Television Style Addict - Shahrukh Khan's New Look For Happy New Year!!
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Style Addict is a one-stop shop for any fashion advice hosted by Shamoly and Imam. It features popular Bollywood stars and their trends, fashion disasters, interviews with fashion designers and much more. In this episode of Style Addict: Shahrukh Khan talks about his fitness mantra. Apparently Shah Rukh Khan would be getting back into his 6-pack abs avatar. And no, it is not for Farah Khan's 'Happy New Year' which he is supposedly doing. Shahrukh Khan surprised everyone with his six pack abs in Om Shanti Om. These days he is providing fitness tips to youngsters. SRK disclosed that he does 100 push ups and 60 pull ups everyday. He added, When you start you can only do five push ups and one pull up. It just happens (later) if you are regular. SRK believes that workout is necessary along with the balance diet. -- Published on December 19, 2013

Style Addict - Shahrukh Khan's New Look For Happy New Year!!

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