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Home Videos Bollywood Television Style Addict - Deepika Padukone - Most Stylish Bollywood Diva Of 2013
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In this episode 124 of Style Addict: Deepika Padukone has had a good year. The new golden girl of B'town has even been tagged the ultimate style diva. Apart from totally being on top of her game when it came to films this year, Deepika Padukone has us impressed with her various fashion avatars. Whether it's a formal evening gown look or a casual tank paired with shorts and Oxford shoes, this B-Town hottie is simply killing it, getting it right every single time, complete with the flawless makeup and hair-do. Given her tall graceful figure, she introduced the trend of the long anarkali kurtis during the promotions of 'Chennai Express', which caught on immediately. Take a look at her best sartorial choices of 2013. -- Published on January 7, 2014

Style Addict - Deepika Padukone - Most Stylish Bollywood Diva Of 2013

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