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Home Videos Bollywood Television Live My Life - Asin - Season 2 Episode 7
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Live My Life - Asin - Season 2 Episode 7 In this Full Episode 7 of Live my Life Season 2: A fan gets to meet with and live Bollywood celebrity Asin's life for just one whole day. Watch the full episode to see how lucky this one fan is to come face to face with the one person he looks upto the most, Asin! One of UTV's most awaited shows are back with yet another season, Live My Life. Catch the biggest stars of Bollywood meet and pamper their biggest fans in this sensational new show by UTVSTARS HD. The craziest fans are hand picked by the stars and they get a chance to live the star's life for one whole day! -- Published on January 17, 2013

Live My Life - Asin - Season 2 Episode 7

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