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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Zanjeer - Movie Review - Priyanka, Ram Charan & Sanjay Dutt
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The look of Zanjeer is highly stylized and replete with punches, glass-shattering and fiery explosions across grimy locations. The present day narration has, no doubt, a more glamorous backdrop, wining-dining in expensive restaurants and some typical Hindi film item numbers and pyromania that is trending in action films these days. Action by Javed-Aejaz is high octane and stylish. While Apoorva Lakhia may have overhauled the original and given this one a whole new look he has sadly not been able to do it justice. There is little else to expect, except for action and some power-packed reworking of a classic to draw the audiences in. So don't go in expecting another classic. Southern superstar Ram Charan makes his Hindi film debut, donning the uniform and the scowl of the iconic Angry Young Man. Walking in the footsteps of a legend seems a tall order though it would be unfair to judge the actor's talent by comparison. Suffice to say that though he has a flair for action and dancing, there's nothing else showcased from his end. Sanjay Dutt is earnest in his reprisal of Pran's memorable portrayal of Sher Khan. Priyanka Chopra plays Jaya Bachchan's Mala, but is too over-the-top and grates on your nerves. A heavy lidded Mahie Gill is a letdown. Where Bindu had bought a certain class to Mona, Mahie succeeds only exuding over exaggerated sexuality. One can't even compare Prakash Raj as Teja to Ajit, but he does what he can. Atul Kulkarni is sincere in his efforts as crime reporter Jay Dev. -- Published on September 7, 2013

Zanjeer - Movie Review - Priyanka, Ram Charan & Sanjay Dutt

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