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Home Videos Bollywood Movie Reviews Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola - Exclusive Movie Review
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This week's release Matru Ki Bijlee ka Mandola is a political satire on the land acquisition issue set in Haryana. Matru's family have served Harphul Mandola for generations. Hukum Matru, a law graduate, is jobless and since he owes money to Mandola he returns to his village to take up the job of his driver. Mandola an alcoholic, is a man with a seemingly split personality. When he is drunk, Mandola is just like the other gaonwalas - warm hearted with a strange sense of humour but in the cold light of sobriety he is every bit the mercenary man albeit one who loves his daughter, Bijlee, dearly and wants to see her married. Matru has been in love with Bijlee since childhood. Bijlee, a total rebel, on the other hand is in love with Baadal. Matru unbeknownst to Mandola is also leading the villagers into a rebellion against him. Matru Ki Bijlee ka Mandola tries to show the contrast between urban and rural India and what can happen if our educated youth return to their roots. Matru and Bijlee represent the youth of India who are willing to live life on their own terms but in a responsible manner. What transpires when the 3 get caught up with life's twists and turns is what the film revolves around. -- Published on January 11, 2013

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola - Exclusive Movie Review

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