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Jai Agnihotri, an upright ex army man is fighting a lone war against injustice to the aam junta. His mantra is quite simple - help somebody and then request that person to lend a helping hand to three more people - thus forming an ever growing chain of people helping each other. Jai Ho is a movie with a heart. The social message narrated in a sometimes humorous, sometimes dramatic manner so that it is palatable and entertaining for your average Joe. A typical, good-vs-evil Bollywood saga filled with herogiri opportunities for superman Salman, Jai Ho, directed by Sohail Khan, is a trademark Salman blockbuster and it becoming a hit is a no-brainer in itself. Jai Ho absolutely rocks if you are a die-hard Sallu fan! The plot of the film sets up the hero as the savior of the common man, a beacon of light for all those floundering in the gloom of corruption. The star is in full form as he smashes heads, bashes baddies and in general creates the mayhem we love him so much for. There are a series of awesome action and dance sequences. Khan is known for his Dabangg dialogues and this one is no exception, with lines such as, "Aam aadmi ek sota hua sher hai, ungli mat kar, jaag gaya toh cheer-phaad dega!" All very whistle-worthy stuff which perhaps paints Salman as yet another iconic character. The film does nothing new but that may just turn out to be a good thing. Like the hero-worship trend down south, Bollywood too has come to love Salman in his usual singing-dancing bad-guy bashing avatar and that is exactly what Jai Ho does. You leave the theater with the incredible image of Salman roaring, yes roaring...a feat which only Bollywood's favorite hunk Sallu can pull off. However, the film has a few things going against it. For one, the heroine Daisy Shah isn't very impressive and having a weak female lead could be a problem but then again perhaps not for a Salman show. The film's other weakness is the music which isn't that great. Most of Salman's films have super-hit songs but Jai Ho's numbers seem to largely fall flat as they fit in too randomly. Jai Ho is the resounding sound of victory... Jai Ho is the warrior cry of someone determined to win at all cost and we all know that good or bad Salman Khan always has a hit if not a superhit. -- Published on January 25, 2014

Jai Ho - Film Review - Salman Khan

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