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This Mother's Day give your mother the best gift ever... Send us a picture of her and we will do the rest for you. We would make a video of the pictures, quotes and videos shared by you. Contest Details -- These are the following things you can send us for the video - - You can send your quotes/pictures/videos on our Facebook post for Mother's Day. - You can mail us a PICTURE of your mother with you. (Mail it to tseriescontests@gmail.com) - You can mail us a VIDEO message for your mother. (Mail it to tseriescontests@gmail.com) - Mail us the best memory you have with your mother along with a picture. (Mail it to tseriescontests@gmail.com) - You can mail us a quote which best describes your mother. (You can send your quotes in the comment section of this video/ post it on your Facebook timeline or twitter timeline and mail us the print shot on tseriescontests@gmail.com.) NOTE: 1) SEND US YOUR ENTRIES BEFORE 3.00 pm, 10th MAY 2014. 2) YOU SHARING YOUR PICTURES GIVES US THE RIGHT TO USE IT IN OUR VIDEO. Let's do this together for the one who has been doing her best for us without asking for anything in return. -- Published on May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Special: A gift for your mother

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