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Bollywood's dabanng hero Salman Khan was there to inaugurate it as the chief guest. Any other celeb would have come, done the ribbon cutting and made a quick exit. Salman further emphasized his long, yesteryear connection with Mahim and the Koli community. "The milk in my home during my childhood days used to arrive from Mahim. My nana (maternal grandfather) used to get garma-garam jalebis for us from Mahim daily. My mom-dad's romance started by sharing the famous falooda kulfi from Mahim." The actor added, "I used to indulge in fishing in Mahim area during my childhood and my friend Prakash used to take care of my jet ski boats which used to be parked over here. I have had many a meals over here on many nights. Yahaan ke khaane ka taste mujhe pata hai. My mother cooks the same kind of food and I have found tremendous love in that food." -- Published on November 27, 2013

What Is Salman Khan's Favorite Food?

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