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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News TOOFANI! Salman Khan HANGS Himself From Poland's Tallest Building
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Salman Khan is a controversial man, and the actor knows the knack of staying in the news. Be it his I don't-care-damn attitude, or his constant run-ins with the police, the star is media's favourite child. And, now he is in news again, for his daring stunt in his upcoming film, Kick. The superstar decided to hang himself from the 40th floor of Palace of culture and Science, Poland's tallest building. He decided to go ahead with the stunt without the help of a body double. All necessary precautions were taken to make sure the shoot doesn't turn dangerous for the actor. Needless to say, the onlookers were impressed by Salman's actions. -- Published on April 23, 2014

TOOFANI! Salman Khan HANGS Himself From Poland's Tallest Building

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