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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Sunny Leone & Honey Singh In Mahesh Bhatt's "Sadak" Remake
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This is big news. Sunny Leone and Yo Yo Honey Singh will be seen together in a romantic thriller to be produced by Mahesh Bhatt. Official announcement is awaited and the film could be titled Sadak 2. Sunny Leone is riding high on the success of Ragini MMS will be the main lead while Yo Yo Honey will not only be the lead actor but also compose and sing for the film. Mahesh Bhatt has been known to make remakes and sequels of some of his hit films like Ashiqui and Murder and Jism franchise has planned 2 more sequels. One will be DIL HAIN KE MAANTA NAHI with Emraan Hashmi and Sadak 2 with Yo Yo Honey Singh And Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone will be seen playing Pooja Bhatt's role of a forced prostitute while Honey Singh plays Sanjay Dutt's role of a cab driver. The roles will be re written to suit the current trends. The supporting cast will include new comers and Mahesh Bhatt plans to rope in a new actor to play eunuch Maharani's role portrayed by Sadashiv Rao Amrapurkar in the original. Sunny Leone who has close ties with Mahesh Bhatt camp's will be seen in her 2nd film while this could be YO YO Honey Singh's first film as the main lead. An Official Announcement is expected. Watch this space for more. -- Published on April 4, 2014

Sunny Leone & Honey Singh In Mahesh Bhatt's "Sadak" Remake

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