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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Sonakshi Sinha's Mom Spotted On The Sets Of Tevar
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Shotgun girl Sonakshi Sinha is busy shooting in Mathura for her film Tevar. However, the homely actress is feeling homesick in the Braj land. Listening to her plight, mom Poonam Sinha flew all the way from Mumbai to Mathura to join dear daughter on the sets. Sonakshi has three films lined up this year which will re-launch her in an all new avatar. Sonakshi sheds the traditional, sari-clad girl image by turning a boxer in her film Holiday, whereas she has interesting roles in Tevar and Action Jackson. Catch a glimpse of Sonakshi on the sets of Tevar and much more. -- Published on March 4, 2014

Sonakshi Sinha's Mom Spotted On The Sets Of Tevar

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