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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Shahrukh Khan's 'Happy New Year' Sold For 100cr
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Shahrukh Khan has reason to rejoice. His upcoming film "HAPPY NEW YEAR" has not yet been completed but is reportedly sold to Yash Raj Film for 100cr. Yes, After the huge success of his previous release Chennai Express which actually grossed almost 300cr, Shahrukh Khan is hot property again. And this time, His film "HAPPY NEW YEAR" which is expected to break some record. This is the highest figure for any film which is pre-sold before its release. Previous record was reportedly "Jai Ho" of Salman Khan. Well, coming to think of it, Shahrukh-YRF association has always been a fruitful one and especially during the Diwali Holidays Period. Will "HAPPY NEW YEAR" break records set by "CHENNAI EXPRESS" and prove to be a potential money spinner? Well, from the Faith put it by Yash Raj Films, It surely seems so. Have a look at this exclusive video. -- Published on March 25, 2014

Shahrukh Khan's 'Happy New Year' Sold For 100cr

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