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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Preity Zinta Chases Ambulance Involved In Hit And Run Incident
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Dimpled dame Preity Zinta, who was lauded for her courage by everyone when she testified against the Mumbai underworld in the past, recently proved that she indeed possesses the heart of a lioness, when she tried to chase an ambulance involved in a hit and run incident. Sources claim that Preity was on her way to the airport for team match when she witnessed a hit and run case. The actress immediately gave chase to the ambulance that had knocked down a man, but the vehicle managed to evade her car. Zinta later took to Twitter to write, "On the way 2 the airport 2 take a flight to Punjab when I saw a man crossing the highway & a White Ambulance hit him and run. This is insane. Yes he was wrong 2 cross like that but an Ambulance hitting and running is shocking... MH - 04- FP - 1634. I tried 2follow them but they Ran." She further wrote, "Called the Cops & informed them. Man is take by some people 2the Hospital as I was busy chasing the Ambulance2 get its licence plate no. This is the licence plate no. Of this Ambulance. MHO4-FP1634. Did all I could & reported it. Hope that man survives." Zinta is known in the industry for her 'bindaas' attitude and a penchant for calling a spade a spade. -- Published on April 22, 2013

Preity Zinta Chases Ambulance Involved In Hit And Run Incident

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