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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News Murder 3 - Trailer Review - Randeep Hooda & Aditi Rao Hydari
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The trailer of Murder 3 starts off with a combination of heavy breathing, drawling voice over, familiar jump cuts, flickering frames and a mandatory scream, but hardly manages to establish a suspense-thriller tone.

It then works toward revealing the plot where Randeep Hooda seems to be hiding a sinister past from his oblivious girlfriend, Sara Loren. A past that is brought to the fore by a persistent cop and glimpses of his ex-love, Aditi Rao Hydari.

Coming to the analysis, Hooda looks like he's having a bad hair day and voices his dialogues with an alarming degree of disinterest.
The production value looks dodgy to begin with but settles into a more pleasing space with time.
Newcomer Sara looks and acts earnest but seems a little lost.
The cop seems to be Hooda's first cousin with the same voice and even worse hair.
Aditi, though sparingly revealed, seems to be the strongest link of the film.
The saving grace of the trailer is a mildly chilling bathtub scene and an almost haunting finale played out against a stripped down version of 'Bheegey Hont Tere'.

With Emraan Hashmi opting out of the franchise and a surprisingly toned down 'titillation quotient', it will be difficult for Murder 3 to live up to its predecessors!

We will have to wait till its release to see if 'Murder 3' will prove us right or defy our expectations!. -- Published on January 9, 2013

Murder 3 - Trailer Review - Randeep Hooda & Aditi Rao Hydari

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