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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News 'Jai Ho' Salman Khan To Date Sarah Jane Dias This Valentine?
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Looks like Salman Khan is in his unusual moods these days as he showed his best flirtiest side at the trailer launch of Atul Agnihotri film O Teri. Sallu Miyan was in a gleeful mood while interacting with the media and openly flirted with the O Teri actress Sarah-Jane Dias. The Jai Ho actor opened the press conference by saying "only personal questions please", and then he himself added, "Ki meri shaadi kab hogi, Jab baby Jane maan jayegi" (When will I get married, when baby Jane (Sarah-Jane Dias) will agree to it). On the contrary when asked about his special plans for this Valentine Day, Salman turned towards Sarah and said, "you must have understood". -- Published on January 28, 2014

'Jai Ho' Salman Khan To Date Sarah Jane Dias This Valentine?

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