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Bollywood actor Salman Khan is reigning in box office for the past couple of years. His clout in the Hindi film industry is unmistakable. Salman always has the support of peoples who have been his pals for years. His reputation as a loyal friend precedes him. He looks out for friends who have been with him through his tough times. Far from the lonely man image that is often painted of Salman Khan, the actor has a mini-world that revolves around him. Apparently, Salman Khan has confessed that it gets awfully lonely at this age and he is considering marriage finally. The prolonged illness and the neuro-surgery have also made him concerned. So Sallu bhai, who nowadays is fed up with his 'bhaiyya' tag as well is realising the worth and necessity of marriage. -- Published on November 23, 2013

Is Salman Khan Feeling Lonely?

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