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Bollywood's reigning Queen Deepika Padukone is loved not only by fans but also by her co-stars. This leggy lass known fo her her dedication towards her work has mesmerized everyone with her charm. Deepu is not just a Brett face but she is caring too. She is very much concerned about her colleague's well-being as well. As per sources, Deepika Padukone is at present working with Shahrukh Khan in Farah Khan's 'Happy New Year'. She is seen constantly keeping an eye on King Khan's eating habits and health. So much that she bosses on him if he ignores his meal times. In fact, the actress is said to be very annoyed that the superstar doesn't take care of his health properly. -- Published on April 30, 2014

Deepika Padukone Monitors Shah Rukh Khan's Health

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