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The country is busy talking about politics. This includes some of our favorite citizens too. Everyone's attention is on the various rallies these politicians are conducting. And people are keeping a close watch on the statements made during these rallies.So, Mulayam Singh Yadav made a statement which appeared to be Pro-Rape! Yes, Shocking. There's outrage all across the country and even Bollywood's famous celebrities have lashed out at him. Take a look at various celebs who are upset over the Samajwadi Party Leader over his comments. Mulayam Singh and His party have been in news for Saifee Mahotsav Fiasco when there were celebration at the time of riots in their state. We are as appaled as these beaties and we hope that the people make wise decision while casting their votes. -- Published on April 13, 2014

Bollywood Beauties Lash Out At Mulayam Singh Over Rape Comments

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