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Home Videos Bollywood Hot News 5 Unknown Facts About Tiger Shroff
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Here's a video with 5 unknown facts about Tiger Shroff. Shroff was born as Jai Hemant Shroff on 2 March 1990 Jackie Shroff and Ayesha. He has one sister, Krishna, who is three years younger His maternal grandfather was Air Vice-Marshal Ranjan Dutt, a Bengali, who was married to Claude-Marie de Cavey, a Belgian countess. Shroff's paternal grandparents were Kakubhai Shroff, a Gujarati astrologer, and Rita Shroff, an ethnic Turk. Shroff helped Aamir Khan build his physique for Dhoom 3. Enjoy this video. -- Published on April 10, 2014

5 Unknown Facts About Tiger Shroff

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