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Home Videos Bollywood Events and Parties ''What The Fish'' Movie Trailer Launch By Dimple Kapadia!!
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After establishing herself as a top-notch actress, Dimple Kapadia strikes back in a comic role with 'What The Fish'. As the trailer suggests, the film is an out an out madcap entertainer with whacky characters. Dimple Kapadia plays an old stringent aunt who goes on a vacation, handing over the responsibility of her house and more importantly her fish to the protagonist. Ignoring all said rules, a house party is hosted -- the craziest one ever! The house is handed over to friends and some more chaos follows. This Bollywood film promises lots of new talent, plenty of rib-tickling moments and Dimple Kapadia in a never seen before avatar. -- Published on December 3, 2013

''What The Fish'' Movie Trailer Launch By Dimple Kapadia!!

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